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Welcome to the refurbished Klar Books site - the website of the world's most unsuccessful author, Nicholas Klar.

"This is the most worstest, like, site in the world..." - Frank Roosevelt, New York Bugle

If you are looking for a copy of my book, quite possibly the worst book ever written, please click here for further information. If you are still feeling extremely charitable go here to purchase a copy online.

"A tour de farce" - Anko Bun, Tokyo Herald

Recent Stories

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The Continuing Wordwide kancho scandal in Fukuoka Now

I Remember When... in Jetstreams


About the Author

A brief introduction about the world's worst (a.k.a. most unsucessful) author - Nicholas Klar

Current Book Projects

Japan Books and Movies

A sampling of my favourite books and movies from, and set in, Japan


My Mother is a Tractor

My most recent book. Click here for samples or here to purchase online

Creative and Published Works

These are a collection of other miscellaneous writing projects, fiction and non-fiction, including prize-winning and published works


Japan Town Guides

A growing list of personal pages about different towns and areas in Japan. Suitable for travellers and/or intending residents. Submit your page today!

Featured in News Travel! Japan's Best Ski Resorts

Academic Essays

These are a collection of some of my various academic essays including those recommended by universities and educational websites. Topics include:

  • Latin America
  • Foreign policy
  • Education
  • History (U.S.A.)
  • History (Australia)
  • International Development

Tales of the Orient

The stories that make up the "Tales of the Orient" series are not written as travel guides, although we hope some of our experiences may prove useful to intending travellers.

Rather this collection is only part of our journey through this mortal coil and are merely put forth to inform (and hopefully entertain) our families, friends and itinerant web surfers about our latest adventures.

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