The Unofficial English Guide to Myoko City, Lake Nojiri & Togakushi

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Local live cam, web cam:

Myoko, Madarao, Lake Nojiri, Tokagushi, Ikenotaira, Kurohime, Tangram, Suginohara

NOTE: Some live cams are seasonal and may not display at certain times of year or may be out of date. Some browsers (like IE) may also not allow access to the 'real time' images from Togakushi and Ikenotaira.

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Myoko City Office
Courtesy City of Myoko
Suginohara Ski Resort
Tangram Ski Circus
Kurohime Kogen Snow Park
Togakushi Village

Togakushi Snow World
Courtesy of Togakushi Village

Madarao Area
Courtesy of Madarao Resort


Niigata Weather
Madarao Ski Resort
Courtesy of Madarao Today

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