The English FAQ Guide to Myoko City, Lake Nojiri & Togakushi

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Q. Are bookings in English possible?

A. Apart from those listed in 'Accommodation' generally no. It's best to ask a Japanese speaker to make a booking for you.

Q. Can you make bookings for us?

A. Sorry but no. However, bookings should be quite easy via one of the many links on our accommodation page.

Q. Can I make a booking after I arrive?

A. Yes. If you arrive during office hours go to one of the tourist centres. They have all the information you need and can help you book a place to stay. Don't forget to bring your phrase book/dictionary though!

Q. What kind of accommodation is available?

A. All the way from a Youth Hostel or YMCA up to prestige hotels such as the Nojiriko Prince or Akakura Kanko.

Q. When is the best time to come?

A. It really depends on your interests. There is a distinct attractiveness to every season.

Q. How can I check on the weather there?

A. Click here for the latest forecasts in Japanese or three day resort conditions

Q. How can I get there and get around?

A. See: Location & Directions

Q. Where can I get maps and information?

A. At one of the tourist centres listed. English maps may sometimes be available from some of the souvenir shops in the area. A resort map in English can be downloaded here, or area maps in Japanese can be downloaded here.

Q. Is there an internet cafe available?

A. No, but free internet use can be accessed at the following:

(1) At 'Myoko Messe' - the local community hall in Myokokogen. Walk straight up the main road from the station, past the bus depot on your right. About 200 metres up you will see a large hall which contains a library and computer terminals on the ground floor. Sign up at the desk to receive access or use your laptop.

(2) At the City Library in Arai. It's about a 10 minute walk from Arai station.

Q. Can I find casual work in the resorts there?

A: Generally unlikely on any kind of transit visa. However if you have a valid work permit, some solid experience as an instructor or in hospitality, plus reasonable Japanese skills there is a much better chance. A number of foreigners worked at ARAI Mountain and Spa before it closed temporarily so it may be worth a try contacting them, or other popular areas like Yuzawa, Hakuba or Niseko.

Q. Can we donate money for getting all the great info off this site?

A. Yes please, or buy a book. A simple 'thank you' in reply for any help we provide is also nice.

If you have other questions please e-mail us and we will try to post the answers here. Please try not to inundate - we do have day jobs.


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