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This page introduces you to some of my academic works. I hope you find them useful but please take note of the provisos listed at the bottom of the page

Published Academic Work

Social Change in Rural Japan and the Need for Community Involvement - A Case Study

An essay outlining changes in education in rural Japan and suggestions for community involvement.

Published in the Social Education Association of Australia Journal (S.E.A., Canberra, 8/2000)

Other Academic Papers

Latin America

Brazil - How and why has the State influenced the development of industry in Brazil? (1993)

Guatemala - 1993 Research Paper: 'How have peasant lifestyles evolved and been affected by governments in post-revolutionary Guatemala?'

Past and Present - Revisionist History? The Spanish Conquest of Latin America (1993)

Ambivalent Conquests - A commentary on 'Ambivalent Conquests' by Inga Clendinnen (1993)

Land Reform in Latin America - A discussion paper on aspects of land reform (1992)

Catholicism - What was the role of the church in the conquest and colonization of Latin America? (1992) (Recommended reading from the University of Auckland, New Zealand &

Political History: Australian Foreign Policy

Doc Evatt - How significant was the contribution of H.V. Evatt to the development of Australian foreign policy? (1993)

Timor & Whitlam - An evaluation of Gough Whitlam's response to Indonesian claims to East Timor (1993)

Political History: U.S. Foreign Policy

Chile (1992)

Yugoslavia, M-East & Human Rights (1992)

Dominican Republic (1992)

Cuba (1993)

Guatemala (1993)

Latin America (1992)

Nicaragua under the FSLN (1993)

Nicaragua - post FSLN (1993)

Nicaragua & Reagan (1993)

El Salvador (1993)

Monroe Doctrine (1992)

Bush Snr. and Reagan (1993)


Community - The need for community involvement in schools - a case study (1996)

IT Management - Strategic planning of Information Technology for schools (1997)

Quality - Quality Management in the English Curriculum (1997)

Society & Environment - A discussion paper on secondary education: The changes in 'Society and Environment' (1995)

Supervised Project (Thesis) - A report on the broad restructuring of the TCC History Department - planning, implementation and evaluation. (1998/9)

History (U.S.A.)

Protest - How did the 1960's protest movements force change upon American society? (1992) (Recommended reading from The University of Omaha, Nebraska)

Conservatives - The 1980's: Return to Conservatism (1992)

Isolation - The U.S Government moving from a policy of isolation to one of intervention. (1992)

History (Australia)

Aboriginals - How did European settlement prove to be so destructive of Aboriginal society? (1993)

Labour Crisis - Why did a 'labour movement' emerge in South Australia in the 1880s? (1993)

History (Other)

Weimar - To what extent were the problems of the Weimar Republic responsible for the rise of the Nazi Party? (1992)

LON / UN - Did the formation of the League of Nations and U.N. represent both a radical and conservative trend in world affairs? (1993)


Who is Pushing the Buttons? - A mock article relating to the continual and irrevocable changes to the world economic and financial structures. (1992)

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