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Recently published works

Jumping off the Dragon
Leaving China after six years
Published in
Asia! - August, 2006

Myokokogen - Hot Springs and Powder Snow - (original article here)
Getting in amongst the white stuff in Japan
Published in
Asia! - May, 2006

Seeing Japan’s “other side”
Exploring Kanazawa on the the JapanSeaCoast
Published in ‘The Japan Experience’ series in

The Japan Times - December 8, 2005

Dodesho? - The Five Levels of Drinking in Japan
The joys, and perils, of drinking in Kyushu
Published in
Fukuoka Now - 26th September, 2005

The Shanghai Bicycle Man
The men who keep Shanghai on the move
Published in
‘Shanghai Daily’ - 4th December, 2003

Burma Shave - Trekking the Thai Frontier (original article here)
Hiking the Burma-Thailand Border
Published in
‘Voyage’ - October, 2003

Japanese Jarmans?
Will Australian Rules football ever spread?
Published in
‘The Bladder’ November, 2002

Same Stuff, Different Day
Is the sun now rising over China?
Published in
‘Jet Streams’ January, 2002

Prize-winning works

Myokokogen - Hot Springs and Powder Snow
Asia! Magazine
Winner of the “Best Travel Story” competition (January 2006)

Farewell, Blue Sea, Farewell
JET Program Essay Competition (1999/2000)
Winner of an ‘Honourable Mention’

Creative Writing (Book Previews)

My new book is entitled ‘My Mother is a Tractor’ and is based my strange adventures in rural Japan. Below are listed some sample previews. Please check here for samples of current projects

Karaoke and the Salaryman’s Vomit - My first days in a strange land...

The Ghosts of Dead Fish...Off to Inaka - I arrive in Omi - my little rural (inaka) town

Ode to my jitensha - A reflection on bike riding in Japan

Are we there yet? - Climbing Mt.Fuji ain’t that easy!
(Edited version published in Isnare - 3rd October, 2005)

O yuki - The travails of coping with cold Niigata winters

Five Levels of Drinking - Drinking in Japan is an art form. Just how much should a gaijin participate?
(Edited version published in Fukuoka Now - 26th September, 2005)

Smoking, Cults and Toilets - Addressing some of the BIG issues in Japan

Japlish - It’s English Jim, but not as we know it...

Travel / China articles

The Shanghai Bicycle Man (2000 - original version)
Who can you turn to? (Published in ‘Shanghai Daily’ - 4th December, 2003)

Cuisine in Shanghai
What the heck is ‘Hairy Crab’? (2000)

Decorating the apartment
Making the apartment your home - once your better half arrives (2000)

I want you....
A proposition at the Friendship Store (2001)

The Death of Peppo’s Trail
A local community meets the men with sledgehammers (2002)

Same Stuff, Different Day
Is the sun now rising over China? (Published in ‘Jet Streams’ January, 2002)

Good Apartment Hunting
Throwing ourselves into the shark infested real estate waters of Shanghai (2002)

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