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Tales of the Orient

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The "Tales of the Orient" series are not written as travel guides, although we hope some of our experiences may prove useful to intending travellers. Rather this collection of personal journals is only part of our journey through this mortal coil and are merely put forth to inform (and hopefully entertain) our families, friends and itinerant web surfers about our adventures. They are not intended for publication
Kyushu, Japan (April 2004)

"A tour of not one hell, but several..."

Cycling Japan (July/August 2003)

"Time warp, broken dreams and endless greenery..."

Western China (July/August 2002)

"Up S*** Creek without a paddle..."

The Three Gorges (May 2002)

This is a freak show isn't it? On the slow boat in China..."

The Japan Alps (February 2002)

"Karaoke & payback time..."

Malaysia & Singapore (Jan. 2002)

"Satays & laksa meet bleeding ears..."

Hangzhou & Suzhou (October 2001/April 2002/April 2004)

"In Heaven there is Paradise, on Earth Hangzhou & Suzhou..."

Japan, U.S.A. and Canada (July/August 2001)

"....and have a nice day, eh"

Putuoshan Island (April 2001)

"Not another Buddha..."

Nanjing & Yangzhou (Jan 2001)

"I like Chinese..."

Guangzhou and Sanya (Dec 2000)

"Food, shopping, sunshine and an exercise in modes of transportation..."

Around Japan (July 2000)

"Sleeping in unusual places....

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