The Joetsu goodo Travel Guide

A view of Japan (and beyond) from southern Joetsu, Niigata - Links page

A travel guide put together for newbie Joetsu gaijin in 1995-7

by Nicholas Klar

- author of 'My Mother is a Tractor'


I have previously put together the very rough (and now very old) Joetsu Goodo Travel Guide. Rather than go through the lengthy hassle of constructing a living guide myself these links will most likely give you all the information you need anyway...

Joetsu Links (many in Japanese)

Joetsu Living Guide

Ski Japan Guide (a.k.a. Snow Japan)

Japan Travel Updates - Niigata

Joetsu International Network

Joetsu Japan Australia Society

Niigata Visitors and Convention Bureau

Myokokogen information

TownNet! - Niigata

JTB Travel Site - Niigata

Favourite Getaways in Rural Japan

These links were collated by Nicholas Klar, PO Box 280, Brighton SA 5048, AUSTRALIA

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Who am I? I spent two years living in Omi-machi (1995-97), married a lady from Myoko-kogen (1998), and am presently living and teaching elsewhere in Asia.

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