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A Life in Japan on the JET Programme Book

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Below is a list of compiled links that I hope you will find useful. However there is now a much more extensive guide at The JET Programme - An Unofficial Guide

Useful Links    
Guide to the JET Programme
crazy japan
japan review
outdoor japan
Jet Program Book
japan guide

Rough Guide

by Jan Dodd

Japan visitor
JET Related
JET Ring
JET Forum
Niigata JET Program
The JET Programme
The JET Programme (Official)
News Sites
Japan News
Japan News
The Daily Yomiuri
Mainichi Daily
New York Times
Japan Times
The New York Times
The Japan Times 
Reciprocal Links - Tractor enthusiast forum with forums for all models and versions of Tractors including Compact Utility, Lawn Garden, Agriculture and Construction.
Let's Travel in Japan!
This site introduces Japan and Japanese culture for foreign travellers, plus
English guide service in Tokyo
The Foreigner - Japan
Top Japan Sites
Japan cycling
Genki English
Transitions abroad
Japan Correspondent
ELT Japan

A work in progress - more spots available!

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japan ski Learn Japanese on your iPod or add a phrasebook

A "life in Japan" on the "JET Program" book. Find us at Niigata JET website

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