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My Mother is a Tractor: Media Interviews

Niigata Nippo

Niigata Nippo - 12th March 2006

Joetsu Times

Joetsu Times - 15th March 2006

Itoigawa City News

Itoigawa City News - 10th April 2006

** Also mentioned in: Japan Considered Podcast 10th March 2006 **

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About the author:

Nicholas Klar is a peripatetic teacher and writer originally from Adelaide, Australia. He has lived in five different countries, studied in Australia and the U.S., and has travelled widely throughout Asia and the Pacific. His most recent incarnation is a History teacher in international schools. His only real claims to recent fame are that he once was, 1) the only person in the whole of Shanghai without a mobile phone, and 2) apparently the only non-beer drinking Australian in the whole of Asia.

Previously he was resident in Japan where he was a regular contributor to the JET Journal, Niigata JOHO and other magazines, and was also editor/webmaster of The Joetsu goodo Travel Guide and Welcome to Myoko-kogen but ‘My Mother is a Tractor’ is his first full-length book. In addition he has had several short stories, travelogues, articles and essays published previously in various media such as The Japan Times, Shanghai Daily, Fukuoka-Now, Asia! and Voyage.

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