My Mother is a Tractor - Sample Chapters

A Life in Japan on the JET Programme Book

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1. Prologue
2. Why Japan…? An Introduction
3. I Don’t Need To Study Japanese
4. Business Class??!
5. Economic Bubbles And The Salaryman’s Vomit
6. Karaoke and Barbecued Carrots... Exploring Tokyo
7. The Ghosts Of Dead Fish
8. It’s Gomi Day!
9. Bureaucrats, The YMCA And Mr. Meat Warehouse
10. Ode To My Jitensha
11. C’mon Train. Dancing On The Bridge
12. Naked Boys And ¥en
13. Eat, Drink, Man, Sumo
14. Do You Play Sex? Raw Eggs For Breakfast
15. Women Chattering At The Well
16. Hot As Molten Lava!
17. Oh, So THAT Was A Hostess Bar.
18. Oops! I Think I Killed My Boss
19. Gifts From The Omi Gomi Guy
20. Junkie Jellybeans And Dancing Elvises
21. Bonenkai, Plus Wielding The Mochi Mallet
22. The Yakuza Ramen Bar
23. O-Yuki, Or The Fine Art Of Coping With Cold Niigata Weather
24. Matsuri Month Madness
25. A Tale Of Two Capitals
26. That’s….Ummm…Shampoo
27. The Five Levels Of Drinking
28. Marching To A Different Beat
29. Are We There Yet? A Pilgrimage To Fuji-San
30. Those Awful Five Letters
31. Sleeping On Concrete – No More Ferries Tonight
32. A Cow Fell From Where!?
33. Japanese Dead Heads
34. It’s English Jim, But Not As We Know It…
35. Oh My God! It’s An Eyeball!
36. ‘Love Select’ And ‘Memory Notes’
37. Toilets, Smoking And Cults
38. Ground Zero And The Road To Mecca
39. The Toilet Sled And Free Whisky
40. Victims Of Fashion
41. What Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor?
42. The Ghosts Of Children Past, Or Ode To My Jitensha II
43. Going From Bad To Worse
44. A Very Public Intercourse?
45. “The Time Has Come, And So I Face The Final Curtain…”
46. Farewell, Blue Sea, Farewell
47. A Post-Script: Same Stuff, Different Day
Appendix: Reference

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A "life in Japan" on the "JET Program" book. Find us at Niigata JET website

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